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Airocollect is a cloud software that helps in creating a measurable digital 3D model of a building or terrain based on a drone-scan. You can use this to speed up your measurements, to make better raw material estimates, to avoid discussion about your invoices… in short to save money!

From first contact to invoice !

Airocollect saves you time throughout your processes. You can scan the entire terrain in 10 minutes during your first visit – without having to get your tape measure out.

You can export the generated digital 3D model and use it in your favourite design software to save hours of drawing the current situation.
Behind your computer, you indicate all the measurements you need (surfaces, volumes, distances…) and with one click you generate a summary report. For example, you can add this to your invoices to avoid discussions.

Can I get with my truck through that narrow gate? Where should I position my crane? Check it with airoCollect before you go on site!
You’ll never have to return to your customer for a missing measurement!

Do it fast, efficient and easy !

We’ve made the scanning and processing really easy. Using the Airocollect app the drone flies automatically to take the pictures. Afterwards, you upload the images and Airocollect will generate the digital model for you. Once the model is ready, you can start measuring and even share the results with your colleagues and customers.

Drone Size, Quality and Legality:

For most applications we recommend using a MINI drone. As this drone weighs less than 250gr, you don’t need to have a drone pilot license to operate it in most countries. Considering local aerospace & privacy rules it’s possible to fly almost anywhere.

If you need directly georeferenced results, or you need to scan large areas, we recommend using an RTK drone. These drones are equipped with centimeter accurate GNSS. As these drones are heavier than 250gr a drone pilot license is needed (A2 in Europe) to operate them.

Note that for both types of drones its possible to add ground control points (GCP). A ground control point is a point with known coordinates that you can provide to airoCollect to help to get a higher coordinate accuracy and avoid scale errors on large projects.


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