Field measurements often take a lot of time. After sketching, laser measuring and tape measuring, you still need to add all your measurements into your design software, and of course there is that one bit that you’ve missed that you have to go back for.

Whether you are measuring volumes of earth, determining the circumstances of an accident, providing status updates on your construction site, or measuring gardens, AiroCollect can be used to provide accurate data.

How does it work?


Fly over the terrain you need to measure with a drone, an easy task with the latest drone technology. You fly a pattern over the terrain and take pictures.


Upload the images into our software, which will combine all the photos to 1 overview image and a photo-realistic 3D model. You can start measuring immediately!


You can share your measurements with your colleagues or use them to make a quotation. Do you want to continue drawing into your own drawing tool? You can easily create an export.

Which plan matches your business?




  • 1 project
  • try it once
  • storage 3 months

79/ maand

  • 12 projects / year
  • up to 5 users
  • data export
  • unlimited storage

158/ maand

  • 24 projects / year
  • up to 10 users
  • data export
  • unlimited storage

316/ maand

  • 48 projects / year
  • up to 15 users
  • data export
  • unlimited storage

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and get to know the airoCollect software. We'll inform you about drones, flying, regulations and the features of our software.

Fast, efficiently and easy !

The AiroCollect software makes measuring really easy. You fly your drone and take pictures. After you’ve uploaded the images, our software will combine them to an overview picture and a 3D model. And you can measure all you need. Without having to return to your customer for a missing measurement :

You share the measurements with your colleagues and for your administration you export everything into a pdf. Do you prefer working in your own design software ? Then you can export the results and continue to work in the software of your choice.

Our software can also give contextual information that is important for your design: integration with land registry data, geographic information, satellite imagery and traffic infrastructure.

These features are supported:
  • Drawing and measuring functionality:
    • Lines, rectangles, circles and polygones
    • Layers to add different plans/drawings in one project.
  • Adding text and images: annotations, swimming pools, flowerbeds,...
  • Geopunt integration: flood sensitive areas, street names...
  • Comparing datasets: before and after, progress reporting
  • Sharing with colleagues: multiple users per account to perform measurements.
  • Exporting files: for us in e.g. Sketchup, Vectorworks or Autocad.
  • Export in JPEG, TIFF, LAS, COLLADA (DAE) (for use in e.g. Sketchup, Vectorworks or Autocad)
  • 3D photorealistic model in point clouds and mesh
  • Height Profiles

    Do you need a feature that is not listed ? Please let us know what you need !

Who can use it?


Accident mapping - accurate vastlegging van een ongeval, nauwkeurige meting, contextuele lagen toevoegen (snelheid, verkeersinfrastructuur)


Opmetingen - oppervlaktes - volumes, te exporteren naar je eigen tekenprogramma


Oppervlaktes van daken meten, details bekijken in 3D

Real estate

Integreer 3D fotorealistische beelden integreren in je website. Lever een plan met accurate afmetingen aan potentiële klanten.


Tuinarchitect, tuinaanlegger, ... iedereen die regelmatig een tuin moet opmeten, oppervlaktes moet berekenen, hoogteverschillen wilt weten.

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