Save time

Automate in field measurements

  • Time to sketch, laser and tape measure
  • Time to add all into your design software
  • Time to reconstruct and calculate your project
  • If you missed something, you need to go back
  • Sometimes measuring is hazardous (ex. rooftop)

Increase profit

Image based project calculations

  • Increase client succes with visual communication
  • Increase number of offers due to time reduction
  • Increase accuracy with global view
  • Avoid client discussions with before and after
  • Avoid contractor discussions (ex. amount of soil)

Whether you are measuring a roof, designing a garden or determine volumes of earth or providing status updates on your construction site, AiroCollect is the tool that can be used to provide accurate data.

How does it work ?


Fly fully automated over the terrain you need to measure with a drone, an easy task with our android application. You fly a pattern over the terrain and take pictures.

Example DJI MINI2

  • small and easy portable (249gr)
  • easy to manually control
  • allowed almost everywhere
  • automated with our FREE app
  • DJI MINI3: automated soon

(Click fly-icon to download)


Upload the images into our software, which will combine all the photos to 1 overview image and a photo-realistic 3D model. You can start measuring immediately!


  • mouse, touch, stylus ready
  • use any type of screen
  • pan, rotate, zoom while measuring!
  • fully cloud based (auto save)
  • no installation needed



You can share your measurements with your colleagues or use them to make a quotation. Do you want to continue drawing into your own drawing tool? You can easily create an export.

Example offer, planning

  • generate in application PDF offers
  • do project calcuations
  • site follow up
  • give your clients project access
  • export to drawing tools


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    Fast, efficient and easy !

    The AiroCollect software makes measuring really easy. You fly your drone and take pictures. After you’ve uploaded the images, our software will combine them to an overview picture and a 3D model. And you can measure all you need. Without having to return to your customer for a missing measurement :

    You share the measurements with your colleagues and for your administration you export everything into a pdf. Do you prefer working in your own design software ? Then you can export the results and continue to work in the software of your choice.

    Our software can also give contextual information that is important for your design: integration with land registry data, geographic information, satellite imagery and traffic infrastructure.

    Some supported features:
    • Drawing and measuring functionality:
      • Lines, rectangles, circles and polygones
      • Layers to add different plans/drawings.
    • Adding text and images: signs, swimming pools,...
    • Sharing with colleagues: multiple users per account to perform measurements.
    • Exporting files: Sketchup, Vectorworks or Autocad.
    • Export in JPEG, TIFF, LAS, COLLADA (DAE)
    • 3D photorealistic model in point clouds and mesh
    • Height Profiles
    Compare layers:
    • Geopoint integration: oa. protected areas, nature 2000 areas, land registry…
    • Comparing datasets: before and after, progress reporting
    • Use the slider or rotate the layers to get the right comparisons.
    Photorealistic 3D renders:
    • Visualise the situation realisticly 3D
    • Get different viewing angles
    • Add specific views to the report
    • Get these views on pc or tablet
    3D Measurements:
    • Height measurement with reference height
    • Distances ; Angles ; Text ; ...
    • Automatically stored in the database
    • Multiple colors ; Show hide measurement or Lines
    Volume Measurements:
    • Heaps
    • Stockpiles
    • Pits
    • Leveling
    • Demolition Volumes

    Do you need a feature that is not listed ? Please let us know what you need !

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