New Feature: Ground Control Points

We’re happy to inform you that a new feature is available in airoCollect !   You can now use Ground Control Points to increase the accuracy of your models.


What are Ground Control Points ?

Ground Control Points (or GCPs) are points on the ground, inside your scanning area, with known coordinates.  A surveyor can measure their coordinates using for example accurate GNSS surveying equipment.

Ground Control Points can help airoCollect to generate a more accurate model.

For example, you can use them to get accurate coordinates from a scan with a DJI MINI drone. Or you can avoid scale errors in large projects.

When combined with an RTK drone (a drone with a centimeter accurate GNSS receiver on board)  you will increase the accuracy even more, especially in the ‘Z’ direction.

Do you want to know more ?

Check out our latest tutorial or contact us !



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