Drawing and measuring functionality

Basic functionality in airoCollect is being able to measure a terrain, a building, a roof, a garden, a road, …. . We provide measuring lines, circles, squares, polygons.
You can for instance measure the entire paved surface in a garden, or all the roads in a neighbourhood.

You can do this with the drawing tool:

You start with the color of the measurement that you’re about to do. For clarity reasons you can choose to do all of the same sort of surfaces in the same color. Grass green, asphalt grey, borders purple, … But that’s up to you. Choose the colours along the purpose of your measurements.

Then you pick one of the items:

  • Line: to measure a simple length
  • Polygon: for complex shapes
  • Squares
  • Circles

The other items are meant to make extra annotations on the ortophoto:

The next 4 items can be used to

  • Arrow: to point something out
  • Double arrow: to measure a distance between 2 points and make it more visible
  • Speech bubbles: to make something more clear with a remark
  • Images: to add images to the ortophoto

More clarity in your drawings and plans? Use layers. A tool to work on different plans in 1 project. For instance, if you have to work out 3 ideas and want to show this to your client.

A short example of a surface measurement with a polygon can be viewed here.


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