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AiroCollect provides an accurate understanding of the volumes, distances, heights and areas essential to your project.

How does it work?

AiroCollect is an online cloud based application. This means you can access it anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

There is no need for an installation and no need for a heavy computer to render the results. Hereby you save thousands of euros in investment.

There is nothing to configure, you just upload the right images taken by your drone and we do the rest. Saving you many hours in data treatment.

AiroCollect also takes care of saving all your data, meaning the systems organizes and structures all you do (no more loose papers), making it easy to work on it and share with your colleagues.

The process is as simple as follows:

  1. You fly with a drone over the area you want to scan (5-10 min).
  2. You upload the pictures into collect.airobot.eu.
  3. After processing, you get an e-mail (30 min average) 
  4. Go and take all measurements/exports you need

You do no longer need to go back in case of a forgotten measurement!






AiroCollect is compatible with any type of drone equipped with GPS or GPS-RTK functionality. This gives you the freedom to choose the drone that best suits your project needs.


The applications are made to make scanning an area with a drone easy! They are all free of charge.



Fly a zigzag in a horizontal plane over the roof and let the drone take pictures. No need to get up there! Use the drone to take some close ups after the scan to add details of defects to the 3D measurable model in Airocollect.


Fly a zigzag vertically next to the facade in minutes and let the drone take pictures. Be able to count the bricks in the wall, get insight in its surface roughness. Understand where windows are placed and annotate defects. Ideal to calculate amount of isolation, plaster needed, scaffolding to be placed,…


Fly a zigzag in a horizontal plane over the terrain and let the drone take pictures. Fly higher to cover large areas and get good insight in height differences, tree placement and soil volumes. Ideal to calculate surface areas of grass and pavement, volume of bushes to remove. Export the terrain and design what is needed.


2D tools

3D tools

Import and export



Our software is very flexible about which drone you use and it is also exceptionally accurate. On average the scale is 99% accurate. Proven to be more than sufficient for quotations, work preparation and invoicing. 

If verified true accuracy is wanted, one can scale to an exact measurement taken or use a self defined reference plane. Use of an RTK corrected drone provides for the same. With one of those mitigations, data is additionally useful for accurate design and land registry.


Whether measuring volumes, surfaces, distances or elevation, Airocollect delivers measurements with precision down to the centimeter, allowing you to use geographic points easily and accurately.

Measurements can be taken in metric or imperial.


Classifications contain a self defined label and color to help in summation of measurements taken.

  • Roofers get an immediate overview of total surface area of tiles, scaffolding or total distance of ridges and gutters and much more.

  • Gardeners get the total surface area from for example grass or pavement, total volume of soil to displace or bushes to remove or total number of sprinklers to install,…

  • Generically you can use them to get periodic inventory on stock piles or all other different type of aggregated measurements.

In total 30 self defined classifications can be configured.



Reinforce your quotations with a visual overview on PDF.


Measure efficiently and underpin your work with visual support. Make your project interactive on the Internet with ease, using iFrame.


Easily export your projects to your favorite design programs, such as Vectorworks, SketchUp and AutoCAD.


Avoid discussions by supporting your billing with clear, visual evidence.

What to expect.

What will you receive?

AiroCollect Cloud Software

Strengthen your project preparation with our software.


DJI Mini - 4 pro

Experience the latest pinnacle of compact drone technology.


Hard case

Protect your drone and take it with you everywhere.


Android phone

Control your drone with an Android phone.


1-op-1 training

Need help? Receive personalized guidance with our 1-on-1 training.

Go for a trial.

Go for a yearly subscription.

+12 Scans

For complex areas and specific one of projects, where a drone is useful.

+30 Scans

For regular use and specific projects, where measuring is difficult.


For frequent use with 2 drones: quotations, work preparation and invoicing.


4 drones as a standard speeding up the quotation, work and invoicing process

Upgrades ; Downgrades ; Cancellation

  • Active licenses are cummulative in # scans, # drones used, # users, # concurrent dataset processing. (need more, buy more)
  • The latest bought license date + 1 year will determine the final end date.
  • The latest bought license type will determine the license program (upgrade or downgrade).
  • Unused “Limited License” scans will automatically transfer to the following year upon license renewal.
  • With a “Limited License”, only the latest purchased license will automatically renew.
  • With an “Unlimited License” only and all “Unlimited Licenses” will automatically renew.
  • Cancellations can happen at any time. The remaining period is not refunded and the renewal will not take place.
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